at first,

🎉congrats on becoming among a few early DHV adopters and WELCOME TO OUR HIVE!🎉

…but wait, why do I have nothing on my MetaMask (or any other wallet)?

This is because ALL 🐝DHV tokens are locked until the IDO event. We have established 10-month linear vesting for all DHVs. Due to DHV vesting rules, a certain amount of your acquired DHV will be unlocked every day and available for claim.

Read more about DHV token vesting in this post.

In this article, we will explain how you can check your DHV balance on the DeHive smart contract BEFORE the IDO.

✅How to check your current balance?

Your DHV tokens are securely stored on the DeHive smart contract until the vesting starts. A smart contract is a technology that allows you to see all data about your money transfers in a clear and transparent way. All your DHV tokens are safe and guarded by the smart contract, so no worries.

In order to check your current DHV balance you should follow these steps:

  1. Go Etherscan website via this link to DHV tokensale contract address [0x06383178F7F8A8a0066d367A3020a2007dE6C522]

2. Press [Contract] button

3. Press [Read as Proxy] button

4. Scroll down and find the line named [purchased]

5. Input your address into the input section

6. Press [Query] button above

7. Your current DHV balance will be shown in the field right after.

* NOTE: The field will display the figure with 18 zeros, with no comma. Don’t worry!


If the field shows you that your current balance is 123450000000000000000, it means you own 123, 45 DHV tokens.

You will be able to start claiming your DHV tokens after the IDO event. The “claim option” will be available on our website until then.

We are so excited about the DHV pre-sale outcome and are already preparing for the DHV public sale round! We Will release all the details in our 🐝official media:

• Website:

• Twitter:

• Telegram Chat:

• Telegram Announcement Channel:



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